With all the crazy in the world this year, you deserve a treat for the holidays and 2021! So here is my gift: 20% off!
All location and studio sessions are going to be 20% off from now until January 1st. These sessions go beyond 2020 and New England! They can be purchased in advance and used whenever you would like throughout 2021. I'm also taking my work throughout the states, with trips being planned for New York and the Midwest. If you are interested in having me appear for a session near you let me know so we can make the magic happen!
The sessions available for this discount will be hour long sessions ranging from 1 to 6 hours, depending on your own individual or group needs. For those of you who have shown interest in a full day of content creating, a special session has been created called the Mink Session, or "Dawn til Dusk". This is based on the full day sessions done with Mink The Satyr on multiple occasions that have become a tradition, and you can now have this experience too! The best part? This one is 30% off and includes a free canvas print.
To get the discounts just send in a contact form or message on any of the social media accounts below and we can begin talking about the session you are looking for. Make sure to mention the holiday deal. You can put down a deposit or pay the session off in full. Not sure if you want a session for yourself or someone else? Buy a virtual gift card! Whoever uses it will get 10% off their session even if it is passed the holiday deal date.
If you would like to win a free 1 hour session to use anytime in 2021 make sure to go to the Vander Fan and News group! All clients who purchase a Holiday Deal session and join the group will be put into a drawing for the session giveaway on January 1st.
Thank you!
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